Happy Tails


“Things with Toreto are working out just fine. We have changed his name to Kooper. Our other dog Greta finds having a puppy around a bit annoying,  but she is coming around.  Kooper is learning about the cats, and even forming a sort of friendship with one of them. (the crazy one. Lol)  She lets Kooper chase her around the yard, and looks back at him puzzled when he gives up. It’s cute to watch. He is quite the character. Thank you so much for all that you guys do.”


“I just wanted to send an update regarding Kingston. It took him about 5 minutes to get adjusted, and ever since he’s been treating our home as if it’s his kingdom. He been extremely lovable, and EXTREMELY playful. He loves meeting new people, and he loves cuddling up with us in bed. He hasn’t given us any problems, or shown any difficulty settling into our home. He loves to run from one end of the house to the other, so if you hear galloping, that just him doing his laps. We love Kingston so much, thank you so much for allowing us to welcome him into our home!”


“Pawsitive Pupdate: we adopted Ringo (formerly Ruger) from the Tulsa SPCA a year ago on Sunday. He has been the greatest addition to our family! He goes everywhere with us, loves to play with his 3 favorite toys (Gator, Chickey and Lambey) and loves playing at the dog park! We are so thankful he was brought into our lives and he will definitely be getting an anniversary doggie cake on Sunday! Thank you for all you do❤️🐶”


“Hello SPCA. I adopted little Calvin last Saturday at Pet’s Mart and wanted to give you an update. His new name in Austin. Austin is doing very well and really has adjusted to his new surroundings and with his new sister Molly. We are very happy to have him in our home. Thanks again everyone for a great staff during the adoption process!”


“Galaxy is doing great!  She has made my boys so happy.  She plays with them and loves to hug and be hugged. The day we brought her home, my son was laying on her watching a movie.  She was sound asleep until she heard me sneaking up to take a picture.”


“I wanted to update you on the addition of Festus (now named Bandit) to our family.  He is the sweetest little thing, and he has been such a fun addition to our family!  Bandit loves playing with our other dog Murphy, but when they’re not playing together, Bandit is following his humans around, cuddling up in his bed, or running around outside. We have been working really hard with Bandit on teaching him to obey commands and knowing his own name.  He and Murphy get confused with who we’re giving commands to, so name recognition has become something we work on daily. He is definitely an energetic little ball of fur, but he has already come so far in the short amount of time that we’ve had him.  We are very thankful that we found him, and we’re so happy he is part of our family now – he is definitely well-loved!”


“On December 19th Wizz and 2 other Tulsa SPCA dogs came to Bishop Kelley High school to help relieve our stress about the approaching finals. When I (Abbie) went to see the furry friends I did not expect to meet such sweet dogs, epically Wizz. Despite all the commotion in the Commons area he was calm,cool, collected, and eager to snuggle. He stole my heart that day. I persuaded my parents to fill out the adoption papers for him that same week on Thursday after my mom meet him. Then we brought him home.

Since he’s come home we’ve renamed him Boomer Watson but we call him Boomer for short. From what we can tell he loves his new home. He has his favorite toy, a plush snowman nicknamed Snowy, with him all the time. He’s super sweet and is all around the best dog we could have hoped for. He’s been learning some tricks and once he masters those we think trying out agility training might be good, epically since he’s got the most energy in the family. He likes going on walks and exploring new places like my barn.”


“I wanted to send some pictures of our new family member, Magnum, adopted on New Year’s Eve 2016.  He’s settling in perfectly with our family! He gets along fabulously with our 2 dogs, he adores our children (which my husband and I can’t believe), and he loves getting in the sink when the water is running. Who knew?!?
Thank you for allowing us to adopt him. We hope you have a very Happy 2017 filled with lots of adoptions.”


“We are thrilled to have Branson be a part of our family. He settled in quickly. We took him to Petco and he picked out his own toys.  I even tried to get him to pick something different but he was pretty set on his first choice. We will be enrolling him and us in a obedience class soon.  He is such a wonderful loving dog, we feel like we are the blessed ones to have him be a part of our family.”


“Hello! We adopted Bob back in September. He is doing GREAT! We love him so much, and he has filled such a huge hole in our hearts 💕 He LOVES his toys! LOL. Santa brought him a toy and he has carried it around all day.”


“I adopted She-ra a couple of months ago. She is a wonderful addition to our family and is very smart and protective, but other times she can be such a baby. She really loves being an inside dog, and I think she loves the car rides to the park than the park itself. She was labeled as cat/ dog aggressive, but has made many friends with nearby dogs and even cats from next door. Best decision we ever made.”


“We wanted to update you guys on formerly, “Beetlejuice,” now “Rivet.” He is doing great and he is a busy busy boy! He loves to play with the kids. He has not had any potty accidents and was crate trained from day one! He’s awesome and super sweet. His favorite thing to do is go on walks/runs. Thanks, again!”


“We adopted brothers Spoof and Lambert last weekend. We have renamed them Bo and Luke. They settled in very quickly and have already given my daughter Mabrey, my wife Stacy, and I hours of entertainment. They are so playful and loving and seem to love our home and their new family. Thank you again for everything and God Bless you all at Tulsa SPCA.”


“Radio is doing great! He is getting used to having lots of room to run. He’s curious and very affectionate. We are all thrilled to have him as part of the family. Thank you again for helping us to bring him home!”


“Rusty (formerly Roy) seems to have settled in. You all said he is a Blue Healer mix. Well, this cow dog loves his 160-acre homestead! His schedule: Morning: Go to work with dad; Afternoon:  Torment cows; Evening:  Chill. Thanks SPCA, John, and everyone who helped!”


“I wanted to give you a quick update on Hennessy (former name Rain). She is doing extremely well and has made herself at home. She has already lined out the boys and is enjoying all the love and playing. She is such a wonderful little lady. Thank you for all you do!”


“Dash is very smart and a fast learner! He’s pretty much potty trained and waits by the door when he needs to go. We are trying to get him well socialized with people and other animals so he goes everywhere with either me or my husband.

He’s met so many people and other pups in his short time with us. He’s been to our home obviously, we’ve had friends stay over and bring their big Labradoodle. Dash has been to our local pizza place and hung out on the patio with all of our friends, he’s been to my moms house and met her dogs, he’s been to Stephens parents house and met their pugs, and he was in our wedding last week! And now he’s on our honeymoon with us in Taos, NM!

He LOVES hiking! He chews quite a bit so we’ve loaded him up with bones, squeaky toys etc because he chewed through his first collar, he chewed our friend Charlie’s phone charger, and he’s chewed through both his food and water bowl so we need to get metal ones. Also, we changed his name to Dash and he has lived up to it! The other day he found the perfect opportunity and “Dashed” into a five star restaurant and ran through about four different conjoining rooms while me, my husband, and several workers chased him until he couldn’t go anymore and reached the back of the bar. Everyone thought he was sooooo cute, though. Even the restaurant goers so nobody was really worried about it! LOL”


“Hoss Moses Hood was adopted on October 1st! He’s starting to settle in nicely! His potty schedule is a little hard to follow, but we are working on it! He’s too scared to go on a car ride still but I think he will be ok with it soon enough… So far, he seems to love his new home. Of course, he still has his monkey, plus a couple new ones haha! Here are some pictures. Thank you again!”


“I am Jewels, and I was officially adopted on October 6, 2016. I wanted to let u know I 💖 my new home! I 💖 my sissy, Doxie Gretal, soooooo much! As you can see, we enjoy napping together.  My mommy & daddy love having me around, too! They take me on daily walks, brush me everyday, and my absolute favorite thing is going “bye-bye!” in our car.  I’m starting to be more playful and love to have fun, but I’m always ready at the end of the day to snuggle up and call it a night!”
💖 Jewels🐾


Just sending an update! Hazel (formerly La Gervais) is doing great! She’s very smart, loving and highly trainable. She loves to go swimming at the lake and hiking. She also loves to play at the dog park and gets along great with her brother Bubba. At the end of the day she loves to snuggle. She ended up being house trained and mostly crate trained when I got her which was great. I was a little worried when I first got her because she came from Louisiana and had only been at the SPCA a few days, but she turned out to be a great dog and I couldn’t be more happy that I adopted her.


Just wanted to follow up and give an update on our girl.  We renamed her Mila and she now comes by name.  She is a very curious, playful and cuddly girl.  She is very smart.  She has learned to sit, lay down and we are just about done with potty training.  She is probably the most curious dog I’ve met! Anything she can get into, she does.  She follows her nose and likes to catch bugs and eat them yuck!  She is doing well and is a very happy dog.   She fits perfectly in our home.


Just wanted to update you on my little furry friend, Rosie! She is already very spoiled. She is settling in well, and she has already picked up on a couple of commands in sign language such as sit and stay. She and Oscar are getting along well; however, she runs him until he cant’s run anymore. LOL! She is doing awesome, and I am so glad Rosie is a part of our family. Thank you guys so much for all you did!


Rowdy’s new name is Buddy! He’s doing really well.. he gets along great with cats, dogs and other people. Also, Buddy figured out how to open the sliding glass door the other day (he’s really smart).


We are so happy to have Magnolia. She is working out great! She has one of the best personalities I have ever seen. In a day or two our two dogs had accepted her and our other cat is getting used to her. She is just as cute as can be. Glad we can give her a good home.”


I wanted to give you and the SPCA an update on Cowboy, who we adopted August 9, 2016. He is fitting in perfectly with our family! He loves playing tug of war and wrestling with his new buddy, Callie. He has made himself at home, but we wouldn’t have it any other way. I would like to thank you and your staff for helping us bring this guy into our home!


Today is the one year  anniversary of Annie being with us. She is not the frightened timed dog that arrived a year ago. She belongs here and if you don’t believe it just ask her. The couch is hers and she takes full advantage of it but she doesn’t get on any other furniture. We really enjoy having her with us. She loves the car and wants a ride every time we go out.  She is our dog.



“I’m writing you to let you know that after three months, Bonnie has really settled into her new home. She had a short adjustment period, being out here in the country and having plenty of wildlife to make her a little crazy, but she’s really loving it now. It turns out she is fully housebroken and crate trained and even knew most of the basic commands! She has quickly become a member of the family and everyone that meets her absolutely loves her!”



From Horns-
“I really like my new place and my new companion Wylie. It took a few days for Wylie to warm up to me, but he likes me better everyday now. Thank you guys so much for all you did for me while I was there- I’m doing good here too and wanted to tell you hello.”



“I wanted to update you on Wally. I met Wally at the SPCA Dog Walking event at Guthrie Green, where I had volunteered to walk the dogs over lunch. A volunteer told me that Wally had been with the SPCA a few months and had sisters with him who were adopted earlier.

Wally came home a few days later, after meeting my husband, and meeting our corgis to ensure they would get along well. He is doing great at home, playing with his new friends, enjoying toys, air conditioning, and lots of belly rubs.

Without the dog walking program, I would have never met Mr. Wally. I wasn’t looking for another dog, but when I met Wally, I knew he was meant to be with our family. Wally has brought fun and excitement to our corgis. He absolutely warms my heart when he lays on his back and let’s his floppy ears fall to the ground. “


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Happy Tail!

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