Happy Tails

Bonnie“I’m writing you to let you know that after three months, Bonnie has really settled into her new home.  She had a short adjustment period, being out here in the country and having plenty of wildlife to make her a little crazy, but she’s really loving it now.  It turns out she is fully housebroken and crate trained and even knew most of the basic commands!  She has quickly become a member of the family and everyone that meets her absolutely loves her!

We attended a basic obedience course with Marj Satterfield at Glad Wags.  She specializes in training service and emotional support dogs, but also holds basic and advanced obedience classes open to the public.  Bonnie graduated last Monday with special honors for “most improved” and “teacher’s pet”!  Every trainer commented that out of all the dogs in class, they would most like to take her home.

On behalf of Jessica, Bonnie and myself I would like to thank you and everyone at the Tulsa SPCA for introducing us to Bonnie and allowing her to become part of our family.”


Sam pose“Sam is working out great … he appears to already be crate trained, and there has not been one accident since we brought him home. He gets along great with Fred and the cats – and has quickly become a part of our family. Easter was the first time we had all the family over  — about 15 people were here and he had a great time. This week, we are starting obedience training at the Tulsa Dog Training Club. We’ll see how it goes. Thank you for trusting us with Sam … we appreciate all you do for the SPCA.”






11402339_10204092525260559_2691873507841452551_o“Our kittens quit hiding after the second weekend. We took them to Wichita with us and our kids and grandchildren loved them and held them without any problems. They go to the bathroom in their litter boxes every  time.  Ling-a-ling is full of energy and demands attention. I think he thinks I’m his Mom’s. He tries to nurse on my arm, neck or any bare skin he can find. The second week he quit waking me up all night. They are both so smart and good. They never wake us up even on the weekend. Ming-a-ling doesn’t want us holding him after being handled so much, so we are giving him his space. They play together so well.  Thank you so much for such precious babies.”