August is Clear the Shelters “Adopt & Donate” Month. When you adopt a dog or cat from the Tulsa SPCA, you help them win the lottery: a good home, a warm bed, toys, food, medical care and love. They return that love endlessly and unconditionally. The benefits of adoption go way beyond these.

Adoption from the Tulsa SPCA has distinct advantages over other ways of acquiring a pet:

Here to help. The Tulsa SPCA adoption counselors are here to help you through the adoption process and find the best fit for your family. If your household includes children, other pets or even an elderly family member, please let us know on your adoption application so we can find a pet to meet all of your family’s needs.

Awesome animals. The Tulsa SPCA offers a wide range of pets for adoption. Check them out online at Adoptable Dogs or Adoptable Cats. Shelters and rescues have a wide variety of dogs and cats. You can find pure breeds as well as mixed breeds, and animals of all ages, size, temperament and medical condition.

Your pet is vetted. Tulsa SPCA animals receive basic veterinary care and, in some cases, extraordinary care if they have been sick, injured or abused. When you adopt from us, your animal is spayed or neutered, microchipped, fully vaccinated and up-to-date on flea/tick/heartworm prevention.

Save money. The Tulsa SPCA adoption fees are typically much less expensive than the costs to purchase a dog or cat from a retail store, or acquire one from a breeder. The money you pay helps us rescue additional animals and the money you save is that much more to spend on your new pet’s treats and toys!

Save two lives. The first life you save is that of the pet you adopt, and each adoption creates space for another animal to be rescued. In this way, every adoption spares two lives.


Rescuing an animal through adoption is an extremely rewarding experience. Even if you are not ready to adopt, you can still support homeless animals in Tulsa:

Encourage friends and family to adopt. One way to spread the word is to sport our awesome Tulsa SPCA shirts.

Donate food, supplies, or money: Check our donate page for our wish list and quick and easy ways to send us donations.

Volunteer: While we are not open for regular volunteer hours during COVID-19 there are lots of things you can do at home to help us out. If you have a special skill or talent – such as photography – let us know.

Foster: If you’re ready to open your heart and home to a dog or cat, but not ready to make a lifetime commitment, consider fostering. Learn more and apply today on our website.

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