This year has turned out to be one for the books. Much has changed in terms of how we work, learn, socialize and shop. But one tradition we hope will remain somewhat the same is Halloween. Whether you will spend October 31 in the comfort of your home greeting trick or treaters (in a safe manner, of course) or spending time at a friend or family member’s home playing games and telling spooky stories, your pet’s safety needs to be of utmost importance.

Here are five tips to keep your pet safe this Halloween:


  1. The first thing we think of when we hear Halloween is candy! Chocolate and many ingredients in candy can be harmful for your pet. Even when your pet is giving you sad, begging eyes, don’t give in! If you have guests over, make sure they understand your pets should not be treated like a trick or treater, and be sure to feed your pets before the festivities start so they aren’t hungry and looking for food throughout the evening.


  1. Costumes can make or break a Halloween night but for pets, costumes can be uncomfortable and dangerous. If you do decide to dress up your pet, make sure they can move around easily and avoid tying anything around their neck to avoid strangulation. It is best to not dress up your pet in costumes that hang to the ground as they may trip and break or sprain a leg. If you dress your pet up and they just don’t seem to be enjoying it, it is best to pass on trying to win Best Pet Costume. Trust us, your pet will thank you!


  1. With all the hustle and bustle of trick or treaters knocking on your door and ringing your doorbell, pets can sometimes escape the confines of your home. If your dog is not microchipped, get that done. The Tulsa SPCA offers microchipping services for $10 a pet. Also, it is important to make sure the information on your pet’s ID tag is up to date. In case your pet gets lost, take every precaution ahead of time to make sure they get back home safely!


  1. Create a room or safe space in your house where your pet can retreat if things get to be hectic during the evening. Animals can often get stressed and anxious when their environment is disrupted so having a place for them to go and relax is helpful. Provide water and familiar toys or blankets so they can get comfortable, take a nap and relax.


  1. Halloween decorations can be fun and scary, but if not used correctly can also become hazards to your pets. Keep candles out of your pet’s reach and consider using battery operated candles instead. Be aware of small items that can cause choking or electrical cords that pets can chew or become tangled in.


We hope you and your family (two and four-legged members) have a safe and happy Halloween!

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