In the last four months, the Tulsa SPCA brought over 150 dogs to our shelter from cruelty and hoarding situations. Over one hundred and fifty unhealthy, scared, nervous dogs who needed to learn what being a dog is all about. Over 75% of these dogs have been adopted to loving families and we would be remiss if we didn’t give credit to the foster parents who took these animals into their care to help prepare them for their new forever homes.

Placing a pet in foster care could be the most important step in their adoption process. Pets in foster care become more comfortable in a home environment. They allow their true personalities to shine through so they are more easily adoptable. They learn indoor manners and how to be around people which sets them up for success in their forever homes. And, if that isn’t enough to convince you, fostering a pet opens up a space at the shelter for more pets to be rescued.

The pet isn’t the only one who benefits from this arrangement. Fostering a pet provides a wealth of benefits for the foster parent, such as:

• A pet without a lifetime commitment
• Satisfaction of knowing you saved a life and helped the Tulsa SPCA care for an animal in need
• Companionship, cuddles and hours of entertainment
• Known health benefits of caring for a pet: lower blood pressure, reduced anxiety, increased happiness, etc.

The Tulsa SPCA makes it easy for individuals or families to foster a dog or cat. Not only do we provide all the supplies needed for the pet (food, litter, crate, toys, etc.), we also provide veterinary care, free-of-charge (vaccines, deworming, spay/neuter, parasite prevention, etc.), foster family training and support from the Tulsa SPCA staff.

An animal rescue organization can never have too many foster families lined up. Many times, we intake litters of puppies and kittens in need of foster homes, and as much as we wish animal cruelty and hoarding situations would end, we are a long way off from that scenario. So, we need to be prepared and have foster families ready to take in pets within a few days of their intake. If you are interested in fostering a Tulsa SPCA dog or cat, apply here. We hope you will join us in saving the lives of dogs and cats in Northeastern Oklahoma.

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