The Tulsa SPCA Preventative Clinic provides low-cost wellness examinations, treats minor medical issues and provides diagnostics by appointment only. We do not treat serious illnesses or injuries, or chronic health issues. Our clinic is not a replacement for a relationship with a full-service veterinarian. For the long-term health and happiness of your pet, please visit a full-service veterinarian regularly.

Open every Monday and Thursday, 10:00 a.m.-3:00 p.m. (closed 12:30-1:30pm)

NOTE: The Preventative Care Clinic is by scheduled appointment only; this is NOT first-come, first-served like our vaccine clinic. Each appointment incurs a $20 exam charge per animal. You will be seen by our veterinarian who will address minor issues your pet may be experiencing and provide more in-depth services than the basic administration of vaccines offered at our vaccine clinic.




Prices are subject to change. Posted prices are current as of June 3, 2020.

Exam Fee per Animal (required)$20
Woods Lamp$15
Skin Scrape/Cytology$10
Ear Smear$15
Ear Cleaning$10
Nail Trim$5
Anal Gland Expression$10
Fecal Float$10
X-Ray (2 views)$40
X-Ray Additional Views$10
Heartworm Test$10
Heartworm Treatment$250 and up
FeLV/FIV Test$20
Parvo Test$10
Euthanasia $40
Health CertificatesPricing and Restrictions Apply - See below for details.

Special information concerning Health Certificates

We are NOT able to provide international Health Certificates


  • $25 for a mother and up to 4 babies (8 weeks or younger), additional babies from the same litter are $5 each.
  • $10 per dog/cat for all other situations.

Restrictions – In order for us to issue a Health Certificate, the following MUST be provided at the visit:

  • Full destination address (name, street address, city and zip)
  • Proof of rabies vaccination (certificate required)
  • Proof of other vaccinations (veterinary records required)

If proof of vaccinations is not available, we can provide the vaccinations for an additional charge in order to complete the Health Certificate.


Bravecto - Dog only$50 per 3 month dose
Paradefense - Dog only$10 per 1 month dose (3 months $45)
Catego - Cat only$10 per 1 month dose (3 months $30)
Advantage Multi - Cat only$15 per 1 month dose (3 months $45)
Credelio$17 per 1 month dose

Heartworm (Dog only): 
Heartworm Test$10
Milbeguard$8-$10 per 1 month dose