Surrendering an Animal

Your pets are happiest and healthiest at home with you; however, if you need to surrender an animal, please fill out the form below.

We do not accept walk-in surrenders. You must have an appointment to surrender. Please call (918) 428-7722 ext. 1032.

The Tulsa SPCA is a managed intake shelter. We take in vetted pets from the public as space permits. We do not euthanize animals for lack of space and do not place time limits on animals waiting for adoption. We request a surrender fee to help cover costs associated with caring for the animal.

All stray animals must first go to Tulsa Animal Welfare or your local government shelter to give owners a chance to find lost pets and to serve the legally required 72-hour stray hold. The Tulsa SPCA is not Tulsa Animal Welfare. Contact them at (918) 596-8000 or 3031 N. Erie in Tulsa.

Surrender An Animal Form

  • If the dog/cat you are wanting to surrender is a stray, please contact Tulsa Animal Welfare at (918) 596-8000. You do not need to fill out the rest of this form.

  • If the dog/cat you are wanting to surrender was adopted from the Tulsa SPCA, please stop and call our Adoption Center at 918-428-7722, ext. 28 to schedule an appointment to return your pet.

  • If the dog/cat you want to surrender is a pet you acquired outside of the Tulsa SPCA, please continue below.

  • Please complete the below information for the first pet you are surrendering. There will be a box at the end of the survey to input information on more pets.

  • Please email photos of the pet(s) you want to surrender to Thank you.