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Cheeto’s new family had so many wonderful things to say about him that we had to narrow it down! Here are some quick facts about his life in his new home straight from his new mom! 1. I am allergic to cats, but for some reason I am have zero reaction to Cheeto. Our un-rational explanation is that Cheeto’s skin allergy somehow impacts my allergy. I have always always wanted a kitty, but they make me cry and break out in welts. But again NOT CHEETO. 2. Our anxious dog seems to be calmed by Cheeto and they often lay together. 3. Whoever, said cats are aloof never met a Cheeto. He wants to be near someone always. 4. As soon as we brought him home, he was a different cat. He is affectionate, playful and so sweet. He coat is fully healed and he is a sweet loving ball of fluff! 5. Cheeto follows me around the house. If I am in the shower, he will sit in the tub to make sure I survive. 6. Cheeto sleeps in our bed with our two other dogs and my husband. Usually snuggled next to my head. His purr is so soothing. 7. He likes to sing songs at 4 a.m. in the morning. Good thing we are early risers…

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