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Oslo (aka Xavier)

“I’m sitting here with Oslo and thought I should give you an update. While we’re still taking it slow with introductions to newbies, Ozzie is head over heels for my family. His bond with my son is completely out of this world. He is a “nanny dog” through and through! He goes on about 1-3 walks a day (leaning more towards 1 during nasty winter weather), and runs a muck off-leash at the neighborhood school when possible. He loves his older dog brother even when the feeling isn’t mutual. He refuses to sleep anywhere but the king size bed at night, and snuggles on the couch during the day. He’s a Bark Box subscriber and we like to think he’s just a happy pup in general 🙂 We wanted to personally thank you for pulling ‘xavier’ from the BA shelter, and helping me find Karen Holman when we needed help. The entire SPCA staff went above and beyond. From the moment we stepped in the door, unknowingly walking in just minutes from closing time..the girls there didn’t even care. They weren’t rushing us out, they just seemed genuinely happy that a dog may find a good home with us that day. We highly recommend you to everyone, and will definitely be back whenever we’re ready for another fur baby!”

Tulsa SPCA Blog

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